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    Feb 14: Welcome To The 360 Flower Show
    360 Flower Show

    Thanks For Coming... All Are Welcome... Admission is Free!

    360 Members: Be a flower and join our Flower Show! Not sure how? Click here for instructions!

      So many flowers to see!
      So many flowers to BE!

    My flowers today are dedicated to all of you, my friends! The one I'm "wearing" today was chosen just to be beautiful and festive and welcoming. The others represent bits and pieces of my life: my birth month - three of the states where I've lived - heather (in honor of my 1st international trip, to Scotland last year) - and mistletoe, because while it's generally associated with Christmas, it's Just So Kissy.

    And I have some very Special flowers scheduled to arrive for you later, so be sure to come back again!

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Enjoy the Show!

    If you're taking part today, please leave a comment, and maybe tell a little about what flower you are (not all of us have green thumbs) and why you chose it for today.

    If you've just stopped by to see the Show, you're very welcome... I hope you'll browse the comments below and visit some of our participants' pages!
    Some floral quotations to enhance our experience:

      Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.
      - Jesus, reminding his disciples not to worry about worldly things but to trust in God's provision (Luke 12:27)

      PS - Not even King Solomon was dressed as beautifully as a lily, but some of US certainly are!

      Where flowers bloom so does hope.
      - Lady Bird Johnson

      The world is a rose; smell it and pass it to your friends.
      - Persian Proverb

      Flowers are love's truest language.
      - Park Benjamin

      The earth laughs in flowers
      - Ralph Waldo Emerson

      There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
      - Anais Nin

      Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
      - Marcel Proust

    Thank you all, who make my life blossom!
    Morning Glory
    Morning Glory

    MD Black-Eyed Susan
    Black-Eyes Susan
    State Flower
    of Maryland

    MA Mayflower
    State Flower of

    NJ Violet
    State Flower of
    New Jersey

    Heather Heather

    State Flower
    of Oklahoma

    Famed for Christmas
    -- and --
    Kissiest Flower of All
    X O

    Can't see the pictures? (Sigh.) Must be a 360 issue. Click here to try again.
    2007-02-13 15:17:09 GMT
    Comments (61 total)
    The flowers I chose were from our flower garden last summer. Mark and I loved to pick and arrange our flowers before our deck party. It was a gift to our guests. It was a way to say they are special to us.
    2007-02-13 15:25:22 GMT
    They're lovely, Wine Fancy! (See, now Mark told me he wasn't going to join but you've managed to include him anyway!)

    Thanks for joining the Flower Show!
    2007-02-13 15:35:56 GMT
    I'm joining in early. What a fantastic idea for your 360! Its going to be beautiful. In this crazy world, its important to "stop and smell the flowers" and look for the beauty in this world. I'm looking forward to smelling all our 360 friends! LOL!

    I choose this bloom because I love the way purples and greens complement each other.
    2007-02-13 17:19:46 GMT
    Hi Dawninger! You're right, the purple and green contrasts are lovely. And I think that a lot of us will pass the "sniff" test today!

    Thanks for joining the Show!
    2007-02-13 17:33:03 GMT
    Happy Sts Acylas & Priscilla Day! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Lupercalia!
    2007-02-13 18:09:05 GMT
    This just makes me want to get out to the gardening. I love the flowers. Thanks for sharing
    2007-02-13 20:18:56 GMT
    Nicholas: Thanks for coming by - enjoy the Saints' Days.

    Bobbie: Hello and Welcome! Glad you could stop by!
    2007-02-13 20:54:45 GMT
    Geez! wasnt paying attention and clicked wrong pic..altho I like the lavender rose..Carnations hold a special place in my heat;enjoy your bouquet of friends;~)
    2007-02-13 21:06:10 GMT
    I'm pleased to come as a multi-colored rose. I saw this flower at the local arboretum one warm September afternoon a few years ago and it's been with me ever since. I'm glad to add it to this lovely garden.
    2007-02-13 21:18:59 GMT
    I chose the double oriental lily. A single lily is beautiful in it's own right but double lilies are truly amazing.
    2007-02-13 21:23:29 GMT
    Savoy: You're beautiful, either way!

    Pete: You are living proof that real men CAN wear pink. LOL. Thanks so much for joining and for sharing your rose with us!
    2007-02-13 21:24:33 GMT
    Hey Lil - your lily is pretty, and so unusual! Thanks for sharing it with us!
    2007-02-13 21:26:11 GMT
    As a cactus I may be a bit prickly, but I will get you by in rough times
    2007-02-13 22:38:20 GMT
    Sal - A cactus blooms in spite of its harsh environs - excellent choice! Thanks for joining in!
    2007-02-13 22:42:46 GMT
    Thank you for hosting this event. It is a great idea! The flower I choose is from an arrangement that sits on my desk at work. It puts me in a good mood when things don't always go right. Happy Valentine's Day!
    2007-02-13 22:52:39 GMT
    stoppin by , sayin hi what a lovely idea.......A psychic lady told me I was destined to work in the green world and I had talent to share.the world will always need beauty she said and you can provide are doing your bit too.............have a great day ......take care, Happy V day to you too
    2007-02-13 23:55:34 GMT
    I decided to share the flowers that I got earlier this week. Purple is my favorite color - and what is more appropriate for my "divineness", lol. If it wasn't the dead of winter I'd be showing some of my garden to you....but that's a few months away yet.
    2007-02-14 00:07:41 GMT
    Mary - your flowers are beautiful - and I can see how they would lift your spirits!

    Scott - nice to meet you and glad you stopped by - your field of flowers is gorgeous

    Em - Purple is so very appropos for you! (And I WILL want to see pics of your garden, when spring finally returns!)

    Thanks for stopping by and taking part in the 360 Flower Show!
    2007-02-14 00:18:58 GMT
    Ok....I just had to be different...when I saw this, it made me smile!!!
    2007-02-14 01:03:03 GMT
    Debbe - That's definitely the most unique approach I've seen (so far)!

    Katie, Capetownrose, Susana, Kerry, Rubs, and blue2thepoint - thanks for coming by! You look MAHvelous!
    2007-02-14 02:49:02 GMT
    EVERYONE !!!!
    2007-02-14 02:58:03 GMT
    Hi Angie/Angel! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the show and happy Valentines!
    2007-02-14 04:09:38 GMT
    This is great...I love morning glories. They grow wild on the country road that I drive to work on. I was just thinking this morning that I couldn't wait for them to start.
    2007-02-14 04:10:14 GMT
    happy valentines day ! what a great idea and i am so glad i could be a part of your day. my flower is quiet frozen outside tonight as its a huge rhododendron hedge in the front yard being iced upon currently, but here in the picture i took last spring you can see its true beauty.
    2007-02-14 04:17:48 GMT
    Hi to Nick and LuLu, Suzi Sees and Patricia! THanks for stopping by (and you too sdastroguy).

    Linda - I;m glad you like the flowers. It will be nice when it warms up again and we can see the real thing!

    Tess - happy valentines day to you. SNow and ice here too, looking forward to the thaw.

    Until then at least we have the 360 Flower Show & Garden Party! It DOES look like spring here, doesn't it?
    2007-02-14 04:50:54 GMT
    Here's part of the floral covering on my rocking chairs.
    2007-02-14 05:07:57 GMT
    Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!! At 12:12 am here, it's official!! I can post about my garden!!(I have 4 choices posted, as I couldn't in good faith leave any of them out, lol)

    I have blogged my entry (I'm not sure I would have enough room here...."Snow Storms and Flower Gardens" is the headline. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed this!! I bet you have made more people smile today alone than most have in a week!!

    To top that all off, I have made some fantastic new friends!!

    Thank you so much for your creativity, it certainly brightened my day!! Please be well and look forward to everyone's choices, which by the way, so far, are just lovely!!
    2007-02-14 05:16:04 GMT
    Lovely flower show Gringita.Hope you are having a great day.
    2007-02-14 05:23:50 GMT
    I got here thru Em's blog. I think it is a great idea. I chose a yellow rose because it is the symbol of friendship, and I'm grateful for all my 360 friends.
    2007-02-14 05:24:26 GMT
    Bundy - Nice to meet you! That seems like an unusual choice of floral design, but a Flower's a Flower, and yours is lovely. Thanks for coming!

    Lea - (blushing) OH, aren't you sweet. I'll be over to read your blog right now!

    Shell - Hi, thanks, yes, it's a great day! So glad you could make it!

    ancsweetnsassygal - Your rose is lovely and well-chosen! I'm thankful for all my 360 friends as well. Thanks for joining our show!

    Welcome also to Kat and Patricia, who posted comments on yesterday's blog (and are both looking so lovely today)

    And a special hello also to visitors Lý-Nguyễn, maytinhxa, Katie, Gloria, pretty and Vicki! Thanks for stopping by!
    2007-02-14 11:37:32 GMT
    My favorite flowers tend to be old fashioned, such as cosmos, carnations and pinks. But when looking for a flower that best represented me, I chose the Prickly Pear, a blooming cactus, for its vibrant color, and the optimism of something that blooms in the desert.

    Thanks for hosting such a beautiful and interesting event!
    2007-02-14 11:46:12 GMT
    This is a Passion Flower, I chose it because of it's intricate design, a flower I've always wanted to be able to nuture. First I have to find one, as I have looked at every nursery in my area with no luck.

    What a beautiful array of flowers everyone! Well done.
    2007-02-14 13:11:24 GMT
    Even cowboys need romance. Here's my favorite, Heath, surrounded by red roses and baby's breath. Doesn't he clean up right fine?
    2007-02-14 14:15:32 GMT
    Hi, I chose this photo for my entry because I love lots of color.....these remind me of Mexico, my favorite place to vacation......Happy Heart Day !
    2007-02-14 15:03:10 GMT
    Since I was a florist some years back, I choose Calla Lily as by arrangement for today. It is a strong, beautiful, tall stemmed flower. It can give any relationship the message it needs from this beautiful flower. I found that many of them in one vase would give the message of love and friendship to all that appreciate the meaning behind the flower...
    2007-02-14 15:05:06 GMT
    Hey great flower show! I am a lilly as i wore one when i got married and they are my favorite smelling flower. My other favorites are any sort of daisy. Your page is great today!!
    2007-02-14 15:05:16 GMT
    My flower is a single red rose which stands for Love, Respect and Courage. I love my 360 friends and I respect them as my friends and they show me courage in their everyday lives...Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!..((Hugs))
    2007-02-14 15:24:17 GMT
    I am back..a single red rose in full bloom means "I love you" and a red rosebud means Purity and Loveliness, this I am sure could represent all is past being a rosebud..but not yet full bloomed.....((Hugs))
    2007-02-14 15:32:09 GMT
    Being a romantic at heart. Red roses are my favorite. They symbolize love, romance, beauty and perfection....the flowers on your page are so lovely. Enjoy!
    2007-02-14 15:36:07 GMT
    Haley - as I told Sal, I like the never-give-up-spirit of a blooming cactus!

    Mystie - I've never seen a pasion flower before! Thanks for bringing one to our event! (And by the way, the garden on your page is just gorgeous!)

    CJ - To quote Pam Houston, "Cowboys are my weakness." Ok, maybe it's just the ONE. LOL. Thanks for the flower-clad cowboy!

    Blue2thepoint - thanks for coming back again! Lovely flowers! I'll be seeing Mexico for the first time next month, LOL. Your selection is like a sneak peak!

    Gloria P - Nice to meet you. Calla Lilies are a lovely choice, and thank you for coming along!

    Barabara K - I'm glad you're enjoying the Show! That IS what's lacking, isn't it - the scent of flowers in the air! Glad you came by!

    And a special hello also to first-time visitors ¸.•*♪ bright ♪*•.¸, drnatural, Karen L, Savoy, eandy f, Wichee, and lunadreaming. Thanks for stopping by!
    2007-02-14 15:38:54 GMT
    Sylvia & Paradice - you slipped in unnoticed while I was addressing our other participants - such gorgeous roses (and such lovely sentiments!) Thank you both for gracing us with your presence!
    2007-02-14 15:48:50 GMT
    rbutterfliesrdreamz and Wendy Joy - thanks for joining us. Kamal B and jim bwolive, thanks for stopping by.

    And a special hello also to first-time visitors WhiteFawn and Hoang Nhung and Rose Red (how very appropos!).
    2007-02-14 17:38:38 GMT
    I normaly don't do this sort of thing - not being a very romantic type of person & besides all that we don't have "valentines day" here in Finland, instead it is "friends day", more neutral. I chose this flower because it seemed as if it was smiling, so here's a smile to all of my friends!
    2007-02-14 17:57:18 GMT
    Happy Wednesday and a very happy Heart Day to everyone! Daisies have always been one of my favorite flowers. They are happy, open, warm and inviting... and they always make me smile. Goodtimes.
    2007-02-14 18:08:04 GMT
    I've chosen to wear my favorite flower ... Lily of the Valley. It is also known as "Our Lady's Tears" and "Ladder to Heaven" ... It is sweetly scented with a delicate appearance yet silently strong ... and I'd discovered as a child , when broken down , it spells L-O-V-E ... I feel it best represents my soul. This is a wonderful idea! Have a beautiful day!
    2007-02-14 18:27:55 GMT
    Carrie Ann - Nice to meet you! Daisies do seem like such friendly flowers! Glad to have you along!

    Robert L - Happy Friends Day to you then, and thanks so much for joining the flower show!

    Alaskarap - Thanks for popping over to my page; I love your rose!

    Maggie - the Lily of the Valley is just gorgeous. Thanks for joining us!
    2007-02-14 18:45:09 GMT
    Thanks for hosting the show. Just reading the comments makes me smile to see all the great flowers!
    2007-02-14 19:32:35 GMT
    Stone Girl - thanks for coming by! Your roses are so colorful! Thanks for sharing them!
    2007-02-14 19:34:19 GMT
    I do hope I am not too late. My favorite flowers are the ones I got from my little boy last mother's day.
    2007-02-14 21:15:45 GMT
    What a LOVELY idea! Thanks so much for hosting this. I'm really enjoying everyone's pictures! Here's my sunflower, with a monarch along for the ride.
    2007-02-14 23:53:05 GMT
    Okie - Thanks for swinging by, love the roses!

    LadyBug - Thanks for coming! Bug Hugz to you!

    Welcome home schooling mother and melon! Nice to meet you both. Home, your roses are delightful. Melon, welcome to 360 and I'm glad you're having fun!

    Hi Robin, Deja Rose, Houston Dentist and Susabean - nice to meet you all!

    Amber - Definitely not too late! I love the flowers, and your little boy is a sweetie! (Learning from his mama, I'll bet!)

    Maija, Jene and Alicia - thanks for joining!

    Sheila - I think you're our first sunflower! Thanks for coming!

    Thanks all for coming to the Flower Show!
    2007-02-15 00:00:03 GMT
    here my fav
    2007-02-15 00:23:42 GMT
    sorry so late guys
    2007-02-15 00:40:54 GMT
    Oh, you aren't late Deb! It's still Feb 14, so you're right on time! Welcome!
    2007-02-15 00:44:28 GMT
    Just passing...but I think i am too late what a wonderful cheery & bright blog....thanks for sharing a wonderful idea to the world of 360:-) Cheers Jenny
    2007-02-15 00:56:43 GMT
    ooooh i love flowers almost as much as chocolate so this is my kinda day
    2007-02-15 01:07:39 GMT
    blue (blue meanie?) Again, it's not too late! Glad to have you along!
    2007-02-15 01:16:04 GMT
    I chose a cranesbill geranium, because I love the way they bloom almost all summer, spring and fall. Their purple color always makes me smile, too!
    2007-02-15 05:25:57 GMT
    sorry i didn't get here... but i have today and i am enjoying all the flowers! wonderful idea for 360! HUGS
    2007-02-15 16:23:46 GMT
    Norma - I'm just glad you could come by. We had a wonderful time, and everyone (as you can tell) was looking fantastic. I think it was just what we all needed - a little Springtime!
    2007-02-15 17:33:30 GMT
    and in the better late than never category, dj swings by with her bird of paradise flowers. It was a great idea, glad it was so successful!
    2007-02-16 00:39:27 GMT

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